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Michael's Auto Repair
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  Eric 12/01/2016
Excellent service, fair in fee and really friendly. I feel confident with Michael team
  Dorothy 12/01/2016
  Abi 11/10/2016
  Joel 11/01/2016
I was impressed by the personal care taken to understand what I wanted to have done with my car. It was a Honda Accord with 115K miles, and a pesky engine light was on. They presented options, and were up-front about costs. They said I could replace one sensor, and maybe that would solve it, but there were two that may be causing the issue. I said, "Should I have the timing belt replaced? It has never been done." They said, Well, if you do, it would be wise to replace the water pump while that area is apart, to save on labor." I agreed with that logic. When they learned the make and model, they said,. "You have a chain, not a belt, so you're good there" With the water pump, I decided to wait until it actually fails, and they nodded that if I kept an eye on it, I could probably catch it before it caused any damage. They were straight with me, helpful, not pushy at all, and I trust them. The owner has a long history, and I found out he and I both knew and liked one of the old auto mechanics in the area. I plan to use them again, and to recommend them to my friends. My friends need to know where they can go and not get jacked around. labor isn't cheap, and I knew that going in, but the work I got was of the best quality, and you do get what you pay for, at least I sure feel I did. I also had them do a valve adjust, while it was in. I trusted them enough just from my initial conversation that I wanted that done as well. And he let it be my call, completely. I can tell that the upper end of the car is quieter now, so I guess it was time! The invoice was well itemized, no hidden anything, no "padding."
  Brian 10/28/2016
Took care of my car issues with friendliness, efficiency, and knowledge.
  Stafford 10/20/2016
Always excellent work. You can count on Michaels for quality, honest work.
  Barbara 09/03/2016
Been going to Michael's for years. They are great with customer service and getting me to work and picking me back up when the vehicle is complete.
  Lindsey 08/25/2016
I only bring my car to Michael's Auto Repair, and always will -- they have earned the trust of my entire family.
  Nithya 08/25/2016
  Jose 08/18/2016
I brought my car in for a 15k maintenance and Michael and his team were as professional and welcoming as always. Thanks again for all the great work you do and for being so accessible. jose
  Bart 07/07/2016
Quality work at a fair price. Very nice, very professional service.
  John 07/07/2016
  Rob 06/23/2016
Mike has been servicing our family's cars for over 30 years. We're comfortable taking our car to him as he has always been honest and takes great care. We've never had an issue with the work he has done.
  Timothy 06/06/2016
Michael and his techs fixed a very frustrating and difficult to find issue with my supercharger intake system, and restored my car to better than ever performance. Most shops are parts-swappers, these folks are diagnosticians, people who know how to troubleshoot a car with no ODB port to guide them because they know the fundamentals of how the systems actually work.
  Sam 05/26/2016
  Adrienne 05/13/2016
My 2000 Lexus over heated badly. I had it towed to Michael's for repair. It was the thermostat, which they fixed that day with in a few hours. Thank you so much! Everyone there is great! Thanks Michael's
  Y 05/02/2016
Late 2015, a local dealer did a recall repair and a free inspection on my 2004 Toyota Corolla, soon after I retired and moved to Kirkland from Wisconsin. Their inspection listed 12 items/issues to be repaired with an estimation of $1500. Following 2 recommendations and my own repairing for 4 items, Michael provided a free and excellent consultation/estimation/explanation. He re-grouped the items/issues and focused on my car?s systems of transmission, brakes, and cooling. Then Bob completed a wonderful job(s) for diagnostics, adjustment, and repairing. Finally our cost was reduced to $1144 and Wilma sent me a free car wash coupon as well. In summary, Michael and his staff provided a professional service that my wife and I were satisfied. Also, I was happy to have Michael?s prompt contacting, Bob?s nice job, Wilma?s good service, ?Nut?s? friendliness, and so on during my several hours? waiting at a large, safe, and comfort room on 4/14. As such I?d like to recommend Michael?s Auto Repair to others.
  Sarah 04/29/2016
My car is on its last legs. I had to tow it to Michael's one evening after business hours. Michael called me the next day and gave me the options for repairing the car. That same day, he and his team got the car back into drive-able condition for a reasonable price. I chose the right place to tow it to!
  Mary Anne 04/21/2016
you are so wonderful. thank you for being so flexible and so trustworthy. I do spread the word
  Korry 04/14/2016
Best Service in Redmond. Used a different company for years until they went out of business, This certainly was a step up in service and commitment wouldn't use any other company to service our vehicles.
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