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  David 09/25/2014
I was looking for a new repair shop since I moved from Seattle to Redmond and I think I found one that I can trust. Michael and his crew did a great job, they were all very professional and did not pressure me to do work that did not need not need done. I will be back in the future to do some of the repairs that Michael identified but were not yet critical to the drive-ability of the vehicle.
  Troy 09/25/2014
I really appreciated their desire to be helpful and save me money. When I told them I had a muffler/tail pipe problem they looked up the cost to replace the muffler/tail pipe and they were shocked by the price. Then they worked hard to find alternatives that would cost less. It gave me a feeling that I could trust them and that they were not there to just get my money. When I had the tail pipe replaced they only charged me for 1/4 hour of labor (no "we have an hour minimum" policy). Since it only took a short time I waited for the fix. While waiting I asked if I could take a look under my vehicle while it was up on the lift. They let me and the mechanic took the time to explain a few things that I had questions about and we looked over the engine for problems together. This all help me feel good about the service and the honesty of the shop. One last thing, there were some follow repairs that we found together. There was no pressure to fix them right then and there. Instead they offered to EMAIL me an estimate. That was great because I could look at the needed repairs and budget some time and money to get them fixed.
  Mike//Bj 09/25/2014
Thanks again for great on time service!
  Quentin 09/04/2014
  Mike//Bj 08/21/2014
Mike and Wilma and their team have taken care of us for many years. We count on them as our car counselors and they are our friends as well. Mike Connolly
  Bill 08/15/2014
When my car started blinking a check engine light I immediately stopped driving it to avoid damage internally When I read the invoice after I got my car back I was shocked to find out you test drove my car and found a lack of acceleration and got a loud knocking noise noted after that I made it a point to not drive the car for obvious reasons and handed it to you with the light knocking allready reported. At no time would I or did I drive the car down the road and accelerate And I was wondering why the whole belt being a gamble to replace to find out if engine was damaged could have been at least somewhat solved by looking at top of pistons for obvious scarring or fresh marks I the carbon covered aluminum. I guess in all I am just amazed that after the info I gave you and the codes it had giving signs of timing off why a belt visuall check wasn't done before a test drive. How do you know that it wasn't the test drive that took 6 teeth off being that I didn't do anything close to test driving it and accelerating There's no doubt the timing belt was due to be changed. I just wonder if the chances that the engine was damaged didn't multiply with the test drive That's all. Also. Not sure what someone was working on next to my car while you had the good up but there is a whole bunch of metal flakes in my engine compartment on the drivers side from the fender to center of engine under the hood.
  Pam 08/14/2014
I was impressed with the service on my Acura, courteous treatment, and great communication. I will be bringing my Acura back in the future. Thanks to Michael and all the staff.
  Erica 08/01/2014
The best independent auto repair shop on the East Side. Mike (and staff) know their stuff - and their work is top notch.
  Olwen 07/24/2014
I just moved to Redmond and was looking for a reliable mechanic. Several people recommended Michael's Auto Repair, and they were right. I know I (and my car) are in safe hands.
  Debbie 07/19/2014
Great service! From the early morning greeting to the call from Mike, the mechanic, I know my car was in good hands
  Janet 06/20/2014
Appreciate the expert service and courtesy extended by those at Michael's Auto Repair.
  Barbara 06/19/2014
I feel confident in the service being provided at Michael's.
  Quentin 06/07/2014
We have used Michael's for many years. He has delivered top notch service every time he has either serviced or repaired one of our cars. The reception is always friendly. Complementary shuttle to work. Honesty and integrity from a good New Zealand bloke. Give Michael's a try. You won't regret it.
  Korry 05/08/2014
Fabulous Service
  Jessica 05/08/2014
Prompt, helpful, and transparent about the cost of the repairs!
  Ron 05/01/2014
I had a great experience with Michael's Auto Repair. I took my car in with just a very short time for them to diagnose the issue. They diagnosed the long-term problem and fixed it for the short term within minutes at minimal charge. I will definitely be coming back when I have the time and resources.
  John 04/03/2014
Not only did Michael get the vehicle in quickly, but was able to access some serious safety problems with the front end--may have saved a family members life. I would recommend their services to friends and family.
  Jose 03/04/2014
My family and I have been taking our cars to Michael and his team and have nothing but great things to say about this team, their professionalism, friendliness and the level of service they have provided us for the past 11 years+. Keep up the great work!
  Ed 02/27/2014
Great service, knowledgeable, straight forward and patient. They take as much time as is needed to explain what is going on. Very pleasant experience all around.
  Sreenivas (Shetty) 02/21/2014
My wife and I have been going to Michael and Wilma for over 15 years now. You cannot find a better and more trustworthy place than Michael's auto repair. In addition, the entire staff is extremely friendly and they are like family. Amazing, courteous and reliable service !!!!
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